Labour Law Compliance Audit

Like the audits conducted by Chartered Accountants, we conduct audits for our clients from ‘Principal Employer’s’ perspective. Our experts check the applicability of the provisions of the Labour laws, correct remittances of contributions under Provident Fund, Employees Sate Insurance, and Labour Welfare Fund & Profession Tax. We effectively identify and note the excess, short, delayed, or no payments.

We thoroughly check the validity of the Licenses and Registration Certificates and scrutinise the contents of the periodical (half-yearly/yearly) returns. We prepare a comprehensive audit report encompassing the compliance status, implications of non-compliances (financial and otherwise), and an advisory note, which helps our clients in being totally compliant.

We also conduct audits for clients to check the compliance status of their third-party service providers engaged under ‘The Contract Labour (R&A) Act, 1970′. Here at Malnad too, we adopt a process and approach – similar to the one explained above – keeping the clients’ interests in mind.

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